Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 Parties in 4 Days

The blogosphere has been buzzing as of late, and parties have been happening a lot. Maybe it's the pent-up excitement over the coming of Celestia, or maybe three parties just happened to convene in the span of a half of a week.

First up, last Wednesday, the Ravenwood Radio crew put on a fantastic show as always. I did not attend the afterparty, but I heard it was interesting.

Then, the very next day, John Lifeglen, owner of Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer and pioneer of the Blogging Club hosted a Blogger's Club party at his brand new Watchtower Hall. Although I was intially offended to see that the tower proper was open only to a select few, it was a wonderful party.

Quite the crowd showed up, despite the troubles with the Teleport Bus.

Me and Kevin Battleblood had a nice conversation in the waterfall tunnel.

Between you and me, I think I wore the robe better. :P

Then, earlier today, The Ravenwood Radio Crew, Fallon Shadowblade of Diary of a Wizard fame, and Thomas Lionblood from The Friendly Necromancer teamed up for a third time. Their mission: To conquer the Warehouse, home of the toughest, meanest rule-ignoring bosses.
Although things got dicey a few times, and both Thomas and Leesha had to flee and return, they met with success.

Quite the crowd gathered at the foot of the tower, wishing them luck and listening with rapt attention to the broadcast.

Of course, what's a gathering without a party? As everyone crammed into the Nightside, the immediate vicinity around the stars instantly became a tangled mass of limbs and mounts, littered with the shouts of friend requests. A good time was had by all, and there was much rejoicing.

Until next time!

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  1. It was fun they could lead up to Celestia hmm.