Friday, April 8, 2011


I am, as it turns out, NOT missing. I have a lot of course work to juggle, and can't play Wizard101 with the level of dedication that other bloggers do. In addition, I'm branching out to other MMOs, such as RIFT, and so have to divide my time accordingly. Thirdly, I only really feel the need to blog when the news is something that affects the community or an interesting piece of information that you might not have known. This isn't my bragsheet, after all. In short, I'm a very infrequent blogger. However, I don't want to be the guy who has to apologize each post for not posting more, so let's move on.

Test Realm is up! The new additions appear to solely be the amulets. These amulets allow the wearer to use power pips on a non-main school. This should really be interesting for those of us who rely on secondary schools. If you want to start toying with your deck to accomodate these amulets, then GOOOOO!

If my examination of the patch notes is correct, they are not testing wandering mounts quite yet. This is rather disappointing, but this new feature will make it to live soon enough!

Until next time!