Wednesday, August 4, 2010

News Post

So, after quite a long time without a word from KingsIsle, news is beginning to appear. First, the August Newsletter. It featured standard stuff, including online safety tips and the Book of the Month club entry, but what really attracted attention was the Producer's Letter from Leah Ruben, perhaps better known as the woman behind Dalia Falmea. Besides detailing her wonderful life at KingsIsle, she hinted at (read: talked a fair bit about) some new features to accompany Celestia, including 3d movement through water (swimming), more spells (although whether or not she means celestial schools or normal schools, we do not know) and a boatload of other things. She was even kind enough to show us some more concept art!

Part pet, part enemy, part mount, all awesome. I (and I'm sure many others) will name mine Bruce.

In other news, It's Friendly's (and some other peoples') birthday today! If you haven't congratulated him yet, do so now!

And finally, The test realm is open! Don't get your hopes up as I did, because they are just testing/improving login speed for the game. But I have a wondrous feeling that all this activity by KingsIsle is a sign heralding the opening of Celestia!

Of course, I could be wrong.

Until next time!

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