Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Recent Escapades

So, more than a few things have happened recently in game.

1. Ravenwood Radio # 20 was last night! Congratulations, you guys! It's good to see a podcast make it so far without showing any sign of slowing down. And a big congratulations to both the cast and crew!

I attended the after party for the show, but left before Stephen and Overlord Leesha got there.
Still, it was quite a bit of fun!

2. Hot on the trail of my victory in the Warehouse, I managed to conquer Briskbreeze Tower! I did not get my ring, but looking at the stats, I don't think the unnecessary power pip boost and slight strength boost are worth the loss of mana.

Of course, this means that all I have to do to keep myself busy until Celestia is Crafting Quests.
I recently completed my second ring of apotheosis, but unfortunately, the second and third quests will take awhile.

Sorry that it's so hard to read, but it says that I need 8 Black Pearls. Combined with the pearls needed in the third quest, I will need 27 more of them. My options are a) finding them, which is highly unlikely, or b) farming for the 375 black lotuses needed to craft each pearl.

Clearly, this will take a long time to finish.

Until Next Time!

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  1. I finished it does take awhile it's worth it. I'ce completed all quests in the Spiral except Kensington and Warehouse getting to it.