Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celestia Day 2

Between my college applications and my course load, I haven't had much time to play on Wizard101. People had finished Celestia before I'd even begun. I am perfectly okay with this. I want to take Celestia at a more gentle pace, rather than rushing through it. We waited for 6 months for Celestia, and I don't want to run out of things to do in a week.

So, last night, I began my epic quest! I ventured into the Survey Camp, and two long hours later, the deed was done. This morning, I almost completed the Grotto, and intend to head back ITS after this post. I did manage to see a glimpse of the power of a critical after my friends Ice Colossus did enough damage to twice kill the boss we were fighting.

Heck yeah!

Remember, Ravenwood Radio is hosting a Halloween / one year anniversary party tonight, from 4 - 6 Central time. Be there!

Also, if anyone wants to hatch a satyr with my colossus, comment on this post and we'll work something out.

Until next time!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Celestia, Castles and... Wildbolt?

Long time no see, blogosphere! I've been busy with college applications for the past week, so between that and my conviction to not play on the test realm and leave Celestia unspoiled, there has not been much to discuss.

However, between the discovery of the level 58 spells, the double wide GameStop cards, and the test realm changes, I think we can fill up a decently sized blog post! Let's begin, shall we?

Hoo boy, the level 58 Spells! I think that, clearly, KingsIsle worked hard to make sure that no school went unheard! Each school got a spell that was cool, executes well, and is well balanced with the other schools! Good show, KI, good show.

Next on the agenda, the Massive Fantasy Palace. I was lucky enough to tour one, although I did not take any pictures, regrettably. However, by now, there are multiple pictures, a few video tours, and more than enough testimonials for everyone to know that they are awesome. However, so as to generate hype for these new goody bags, KingsIsle gave a select group of bloggers a castle of their very own. This unfortunately incited the first blog war in Wizard101 history, as many felt that, as they blogged, they deserved a castle. I personally think that it was quite unbecoming of the community that almost won Best Community at the GDC this year. Thankfully, it was a short battle, and an armistice was signed before many knew what had happened, myself included.

Thirdly, the most recent item on the agenda, the Wildbolt fiasco. KingsIsle just added a change to the Test Realm. For many, it went unnoticed. But for some, this act was high treason.

Changes? To Wild Bolt? Who do they think they are, the people who kindly built the game, programmed it, planned the classes with a system that keeps everything in balance and generally keep order? It's very hard to type with a sardonic tone.

Many are up in arms over the fact that KI decided to remove two Solar spells with the power to reduce pip cost and the Celestian wands second power pip boost. But mostly, they are angry about the Wold Bolt thing.

Gather round, children! It's Uncle Winterstaff's story time! Today, I'll tell you a tale from way back when, two years ago when Wizard101 first opened..... It was an optimistic time! Everyone was happy, and you saw wizards of all types frolic as they completed quests and traveled the Spiral. One group, the Storm wizards, had a very powerful spell: Wild Bolt! Although it was a very powerful spell for such a low cost, KingsIsle lovingly gave it to the Storm school, on the condition that they play nicely. As an added measure, to make sure that its great power was checked, they made it a very low accuracy spell. The Storm wizards thanked KI, and merrily went on their way. Two years later, at the release of Celestia, Storm wizards gained access to new, powerful armor that boosted their accuracy! Suddenly, the Wildbolt spell could be used much more! KingsIsle noticed this new development, and, realizing that their old method of checking the Wild Bolt was inefficient, changed it. Now, Wild Bolt could either strike well, or not very well! The Storm wizards felt slighted. How dare KI make their Wild Bolt spell a game of chance, and what's more, with POSSIBLE NEGATIVE EFFECTS! The Storm wizards, in their anger, looked for a place to relieve the frustration, but, lacking a real source at which to complain, they chose their nemesis: PvP. Long had the insidious PvPers been jealous of the Storm Wizard's power. Players of PvE and PvP had always been enemies, as they both felt their needs weren't being addressed. However, KingsIsle was unable to divide spells
for the two categories, and the two bicker to this day.

Seriously, have any of you tried to program a game? Dividing the spell book between PvP and PvE is incredibly difficult! Be thankful that they didn't eliminate it entirely. I don't know where this sense of entitlement came from, and I really do not like it. Between Leviathan and Tempest, you guys are still the strongest school, and no longer have the lowest accuracy. Suck it up.

See you next time!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The door to Celestia is open!

...or at least on Test Realm.

Woohoo! After months of waiting, we have been rewarded! Click here to see all of the fun new things!

Aside from the Celestia, some new advancements have been made! First and foremost are the new level 58 spells! We know that Balance's spell is Horus, and that Fire's is a djinn, but I can't wait to see the rest!

Also, Celestial magic! The three branches, Sun, Moon, and Star, don't have any attacks, but each will be useful. Sun works much like current enchantments. They have spells to increase accuracy and power, and to mutate spells into other schools. Moon allows the wizard to change shape, taking on new stats and a new deck for a limited time. Star casts Auras, which are used on the caster and amplify various stats for some time.

Hmm... I, personally, think that the Moon school is the coolest. It allows you to branch out, and greatly vary your strategy. I do enjoy using Schrodinger Fu!

See you in Celestia! Don't forget to vote Wolf Winterstaff for Ice School Student Teacher!

Until next time!