Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Becketts MOG! -or- Celestia = Steampunk?

Which means, of course, a look at that article Friendly has been writing. It's fantastically written, informative, and provides an accurate and thorough look at the Power Pets system. Well done, Friendly!

In addition, I got a code for the new Dragonclaw Blade!

This little beauty uses the same model as the Cerulean Edge, but instead of solid gold with a blue aura, it features a more subtle silver with red aura. It adds 5 cards of Major Fireball to your deck, a 0-pip, 75-damage fire spell. Expect me to carry this around for a good long while.

The poll is over, and the result is a tie! In the event of a tie, I will keep the outfits separate, as both are nice, and I farmed a lot for the jester outfit. Besides, if I didn't dress like a jester, I can't very well be the Icy Harlequin. I'm sure that we will see similar clothing later in Celestia.

Speaking of which, more of the Celestia picture has been revealed. Between the robots, the Wayfinder Set, all the domes and submarines, and the wrenches in abundance, Celestia looks like it may be a mix between Ancient Greek/Roman and Steampunk. For those not familiar, Steampunk is a subculture based around a fantasy setting during the late Victorian Period where all modern technology is available in the form of steam. It's incredibly nerdy, but I love it. I first thought Marleybone was going to be semi-steampunk, what with the Victorian London theme right alongside little airships in the sky. Unfortunately, they really played up the Victorian elements, while never really mentioning the cool dirigibles. They had the robots with furnaces in their chests, but that's about the limit. Hopefully, Celestia will be different.

Until next time!

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