Sunday, August 29, 2010

Re: Back to School Bash

Boy, I had a great weekend! The Back to School Bash hosted by Diary of a Wizard sure was fun! It sure was fun talking to/ seeing the more famous bloggers, players, and in-game celebrities.

Unfortunately, when I left temporarily to retrieve my party hat, I found that the friends whom I had ported to earlier were in a Sunken City instance, and so I was unable to rejoin the party. The 10 or so minutes I was there for were fun, though!

And now for something completely different. After resolving to keep trying and get through Krokotopia on my myth alt, Wolf Griffintail, he's made a fair bit of progress. He's only learned the Cyclops Minion spell, but he's very much almost done with the Krokosphinx!

I'll keep updating with his progress as time goes on. The day he gets free of Krokotopia is a happy day indeed.

Until next time!

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