Friday, October 8, 2010

The door to Celestia is open!

...or at least on Test Realm.

Woohoo! After months of waiting, we have been rewarded! Click here to see all of the fun new things!

Aside from the Celestia, some new advancements have been made! First and foremost are the new level 58 spells! We know that Balance's spell is Horus, and that Fire's is a djinn, but I can't wait to see the rest!

Also, Celestial magic! The three branches, Sun, Moon, and Star, don't have any attacks, but each will be useful. Sun works much like current enchantments. They have spells to increase accuracy and power, and to mutate spells into other schools. Moon allows the wizard to change shape, taking on new stats and a new deck for a limited time. Star casts Auras, which are used on the caster and amplify various stats for some time.

Hmm... I, personally, think that the Moon school is the coolest. It allows you to branch out, and greatly vary your strategy. I do enjoy using Schrodinger Fu!

See you in Celestia! Don't forget to vote Wolf Winterstaff for Ice School Student Teacher!

Until next time!

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