Sunday, September 5, 2010

O-U-T of Krokotopia!

Yesterday, my myth alt beat Krokhotep in the Emperor's Retreat. Then, after defeating Grumish Greataxe, I was off to the Tomb of Storms.

But the day only got better from there. I managed to complete all quests in the Tomb of Storms except the Tomb of Beguiler, Culminating in a very satisfying defeat of Krokopatra.

My work for the Manders done, I was off to the land of night and science, Marleybone!

As a gift, I bought my alt some of the best Marleybone gear. I also have decided that I am stitching his GM gear to this outfit.

So, now that I am in Marleybone, should I go to Grizzleheim and finish some quests there before returning? Or should I press onwards?

Also, he deperately needs a house. I'll be putting up a poll to see what you guys think.

Until next time!

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