Thursday, November 11, 2010

Celestia: Two weeks later

Oh my, it has been a while since I posted anything. Well, I'm going to rectify that right now!

Celestia is fantastic! As much as I wish that it was longer, it just couldn't be. Between it being a four day weekend for me, and me being an enormous nerd, I ended up finishing the entire thing up rather quickly. I do not regret finishing it, though, as it allows me to begin farming for super awesome level 58 gear! I already have my boots and robe.

In addition, I have gained the (currently) ultimate Ice spell, Snow Angel! It was quite a doozy to get, but it was worth it!

Between the effect, a star and moon spell, and an Iceblade, this bad boy is capable of taking out most of the mooks in Celestia with one hit. Granted, it takes a few turns, but that gives me the chance to use the Treant polymorph (my second favorite new spell) to heal.

Also, I achieved the (not so) impossible and recieved the Spiral Geographer badge! This special (again, not really) badge is given to those who have completed every quest in Celestia! Hooray!

Wow, I do seem to be in a sort of parentheses mood today. ))))))))))))))))))(((((((((((((((((

All in all, Celestia is wonderful. Beautifully planned areas, stunning artwork, clever mooks, and all in all a fun (and challenging) experience for all.

I suppose the one downfall of Celestia is that it is really hard to get going. At the early stages, one will be surprised with the length of the battles and the strength of the enemies. The Astral schools really help here, and they actually beef you up to the point where short battles like the ones in Krokotopia are once again possible.

All in all, great job KI. You pushed the envelope so far, it turned into a bar, which you then promptly raised to the heavens.

My word, so many cliches.

Until next time!

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