Monday, May 24, 2010

Tossing around Ideas- School Clothing

In an effort to become more prominent and involved in the blogging community, I shall start a new column. It will not be regular, as it will be about my possible ideas for the game. These do not come regularly, so these will be rather infrequent.

First idea: School Clothing. When a wizard reaches endgame, they want something to show off for all their hard work. Most people use the title "Savior of the Spiral", but with all the low level characters porting to cast a bloodbat at Malistaire while their GM friends pull off super combos, that title has lost its meaning. Some farm for all the GM gear and show it proud, for all to see. But, to be frank, the Dragonspyre gear is a little boring. It all has something to do with war, and it doesn't stand out very much. The reason why I stitched my gear was to be unique. Not many wizards have a set of wizard city gear inscribed with school symbols. This brought me to my first idea.

My idea is to have a set of clothes unique to each school of magic. Similar to the new school of magic houses, these will not build upon any theme from the worlds. For example, none of them will be eqyptian themed (except maybe balance, but I'll work on that later). Each will be based around the theme for each school: For ice, a cool, blue robe trimmed with fur, some gloves, and a hood; Life students could dress like druids of old, and myth wizards could be decked out in ancient Greek armor. However, unlike the schools, or the school staves from Sunbrand, these would be untradeable and not in the Crowns Shop. These would be received as a set from completing a quest line late in the game, as a way of showing off your commitment.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you get any ideas for the other schools, tell me!

Until next time!

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