Friday, April 16, 2010

Dragonspyre: Complete

Ah, the Drake Rider title. One of my favorites, notably because it means I completed all quests in the Forum. Which means I am done with Dragonspyre. Forever. I have no more quests to do there. Considering the things that I went through to complete Dragonspyre, it's quite a victory.

Unfortunately, I have much to do before I am completely done.
1. Gotta get my hat, ring, deck, and sword from Dragonspyre. At least it isn't mandatory.

2. Need to finish up Briskbreeze tower. Considering all that I have heard, it sounds as fun as walking across hot coals. You do it once for the quest and ring, then never look back.

3. Crafting quests. I can't seem to find a good supply of scrap iron. I suppose simply running the roofs is the best way, but incredibly tedious.

After that are the titles, and all the pets to get...

And, of course, another wizard to level...

Certainly enough to do 'til Celestia!

Until next time!


  1. About the best I've found for scrap iron is Chelsea Court, there's 3 spawn points right around Timmy the Icepick's hideout.

  2. Drake Rider is Forum AND Crystal Grove, but mainly all of DS Academy.